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Silence: My Love

Silence, O silence, where has your mystery of union left me? In this midst of an enigmatic cloud of unknowing I search myself, touching, reaching, pulling, always stirring away at my dreams, for who, but I? Am I not in this hypostatic union with the Lover of loves? Why, never … Continue Reading Silence: My Love

War in ’72

John G Evans © 2019 Ah, poetry! Some do, some don’t. I do. You either like it, or? For me, a splintered soul wounded by the predatorial muse that searches me out in all my vulnerabilities entombs the vastness of these desert skies. Freedom, a word untouched for none owe … Continue Reading War in ’72


Beyond my darkest desolation I have cried a thousand tears. Music has not entered my heart for decades of not hearing each note and, through each teary-eyed moment I have known but one bliss. And, through this devastating loss I have suffered a magnanimous pain. And yet, this god of … Continue Reading Desolation

The Hypostatic Union:

A New Revolution of Love (A Witness to a Covenant of Love from God and a Purely, Divine, Spiritual Ecstasy) NOTE: This article’s primary intention is not to share in argument with theologians, scholars, or philosophers for I have not the mental capacity nor the perseverance and stamina to argue. … Continue Reading The Hypostatic Union:

Whitman: A Word Cloud Poem

John G Evans © 2019 Poetry  translate           experience life             cynical             lack of trust     injured             as a child            humanity factor          vision of hope             the still woods             naked in all my truths Plant you permanently within us        insatiate           minsters           sour death       To experience the translation of a poet, why, … Continue Reading Whitman: A Word Cloud Poem

Oh, This Erotic Burn

John G Evans © 2017 I am fire fanning the flames of crucified flesh             unduly forsaken – I am the hot, red, hallowed blood that burns through             guiltless veins – I am the sacred night that burns for these             mystic curves – Ignited by a smile, a … Continue Reading Oh, This Erotic Burn