A Nostalgic Bruise

Here I am: Standing naked of earth and sand – To rid this dusty land of legacy and rotted out bones, bleed ashen words upon this page of virgin tones. My youth, thus, desecrated – imprudence awaits, a trust and an unknowing glance from a sleepy boy’s eyes, Why, is … Continue Reading A Nostalgic Bruise

Thoughts, Anyone?

Lost! Within my thoughts to write a poem never to return from the land of metaphor, or from the earth of the dead. Many thoughts have crossed over into the ancient storms of life where my best, thus perform in words and anecdotes, or from the seas of the dead. … Continue Reading Thoughts, Anyone?


John G Evans © 2019 This mystical spiral staircase within the fabric of our DNA evolves the ancient story of our existence deep within our bones where there remains a knowing or unknowing. It is here I ponder this mystery and I, and to my sensitivities I climb onward into … Continue Reading Rendezvous

A Prayerful Sanctuary

A Prayerful Sanctuary John Evans © 2019 The deepest form of commitment is through prayer, and I hear this from women of wisdom. Women, as if touched by the very gracious boundaries from within the heart are blessed with a deep gratitude for everything life has to offer. Women are … Continue Reading A Prayerful Sanctuary

40 Days Plus: Day 2

“How sweet, the presence of Jesus to the longing, harassed soul! It is instant peace, and balm to every wound.” ~ Elizabeth Ann Seton Two Days to Wait, Ponder, Deliberate, Monday – 4th of March 2019 nearing 3:00 a.m. During the night – a fiery reign of words befriends me, … Continue Reading 40 Days Plus: Day 2

40 Days Plus

40 Days Plus John Evans © 2019 The wilderness awaits my tentative presence. I am here. A reflective tenure. One minute before midnight. The room is black. Quiet pervades. I am still. The Word is near. Truth. John Evans © 2019 Three Days to Wait, Ponder, Deliberate: Sunday – 3rd … Continue Reading 40 Days Plus

A State of Occupation

A State of Occupation © 2018 Foreigners, dwelling upon the muddy earth, hopes are waning far behind the promises for a better tomorrow…sinking, always sinking, into the abyss of each failing poem trampled into the mud-spattered ground.  Everyone has a future to write upon the dirty pages of history’s dawn. … Continue Reading A State of Occupation

Sonnet V

Since early youth I have quantified the measure of a man seeking a distance between firearms and steely blades with an inborn sense…thinking – always thinking…and coveting a longing for the end of my humanity factor. Metaphor for metaphor, and regarding a severe ruminating ideation where poetry dwells upon a … Continue Reading Sonnet V