Silence: My Love

Silence, O silence, where has your mystery of union left me? In this midst of an enigmatic cloud of unknowing I search myself, touching, reaching, pulling, always stirring away at my dreams, for who, but I? Am I not in this hypostatic union with the Lover of loves? Why, never … Continue Reading Silence: My Love

The Hypostatic Union:

A New Revolution of Love (A Witness to a Covenant of Love from God and a Purely, Divine, Spiritual Ecstasy) NOTE: This article’s primary intention is not to share in argument with theologians, scholars, or philosophers for I have not the mental capacity nor the perseverance and stamina to argue. … Continue Reading The Hypostatic Union:


John G Evans © 2019 This mystical spiral staircase within the fabric of our DNA evolves the ancient story of our existence deep within our bones where there remains a knowing or unknowing. It is here I ponder this mystery and I, and to my sensitivities I climb onward into … Continue Reading Rendezvous

A Prayerful Sanctuary

A Prayerful Sanctuary John Evans © 2019 The deepest form of commitment is through prayer, and I hear this from women of wisdom. Women, as if touched by the very gracious boundaries from within the heart are blessed with a deep gratitude for everything life has to offer. Women are … Continue Reading A Prayerful Sanctuary