Beyond my darkest desolation I have cried a thousand tears. Music has not entered my heart for decades of not hearing each note and, through each teary-eyed moment I have known but one bliss. And, through this devastating loss I have suffered a magnanimous pain. And yet, this god of … Continue Reading Desolation

Whitman: A Word Cloud Poem

John G Evans © 2019 Poetry  translate           experience life             cynical             lack of trust     injured             as a child            humanity factor          vision of hope             the still woods             naked in all my truths Plant you permanently within us        insatiate           minsters           sour death       To experience the translation of a poet, why, … Continue Reading Whitman: A Word Cloud Poem

A Nostalgic Bruise

Here I am: Standing naked of earth and sand – To rid this dusty land of legacy and rotted out bones, bleed ashen words upon this page of virgin tones. My youth, thus, desecrated – imprudence awaits, a trust and an unknowing glance from a sleepy boy’s eyes, Why, is … Continue Reading A Nostalgic Bruise

Thoughts, Anyone?

Lost! Within my thoughts to write a poem never to return from the land of metaphor, or from the earth of the dead. Many thoughts have crossed over into the ancient storms of life where my best, thus perform in words and anecdotes, or from the seas of the dead. … Continue Reading Thoughts, Anyone?